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5 surpising taste combinations you didn't think were possible

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW, 11.04.2024
5 surpising taste combinations you didn't think were possible

At LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW, we are constantly experimenting with new exciting flavour combinations in our Creative Lab. Our Head of Product Development, Fransisca, has introduced us to many unique pairings of chocolate and liquorice, resulting in some truly surprising and delicious treats. Here are some of them!


Exclusively made for the Arabic market, we introduced CRISPY ROSE some years ago. A seductive combination of white chocolate with creamy yoghurt and a sweet core of the finest gourmet liquorice. Real rose petals, strawberry and redcurrant form a magic union as the floral notes of the fruit are highlighted by the sweetness of the rose.


Our favourite celebrations are birthdays - and what is a birthday celebration without cake? In 2022 we introduced a fun and playful LAKRIDS LOVERS limited edition, BIRTHDAY CAKE. For this flavour, we shared our interpretation of a traditional Danish layered cake with cream, fruit and sprinkles; a fulfilling taste of cream, vanilla and fruity notes from strawberry and pineapple combined with sweet liquorice, all swirled in soft white chocolate. And of course a lot of sprinkles.


Liquorice and chilli is a flavour combination that's more popular than you may think; so much so that 4 - HABANERO has earned a spot in our Classic Assortment. This may sound like an unusual combination, but sweet liquorice combined with fresh habanero chilli is a good example of how two natural forces can create a new taste sensation. Prepare for a hot yet harmonious bite.


As something completely new, we tested the unexpected combination of our 3 - RED liquorice and sour candy among our taste panel, LAKRIDS LOVERS in 2022. The result was SOUR STRAWBERRY. Imagine freshly picked green strawberries together with exquisite red liquorice in a sweet, fruity bite. Enjoy how fresh and sour notes from crispy, green strawberries are perfectly balanced with chewy red liquorice, all swirled in silky white chocolate and a crunchy, green sugar shell for an extra sour twist.


Mint and chocolate is a flavour combination that has been around for many years, and while it is generally liked by many people, it can also be controversial - especially when you pair it with liquorice. However, after introducing this flavour combination for the first time in 2019, many requested that we bring back a liquorice with mint. CRISPY MINT is a part of our 2022 WINTER collection - sweet liquorice combined with soft milk chocolate with a hint of mint. A crispy shell of white sparkling sugar will make you think of white, freshly fallen snow.

By taking the classic flavours of chocolate and liquorice and pairing them in unexpected ways, we have created many flavours over the years that are sure to surprise and delight anyone who tries them. Whether you're a chocolate lover or a liquorice fan, there is a flavour combination out there that will suit your taste!

We are constantly working on our limited edition flavours. If you would like to take a look at our new and exciting limited edition flavours you can do so here!