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We are on a mission to make the world love liquorice. A mission that might seem hopeless some days, and might take longer than our lifetime to achieve.

But as for true love, you should never ever give up, and neither will we. With stars in our eyes and passion for craftsmanship we have spend endless hours perfecting our liquorice, this season shaping small heart-formed liquorices cores into our LOVE collection.

If we can just get you to taste it, we think you will sense the love and effort we put into it. And if not, we will just try again tomorrow.


Discover a sweet synergy between tangy red strawberries, white soft cream and sweet heart-shaped liquorice. White chocolate brings it all together and serves you an incredible taste experience of true Danish love.


Fall in love with the seductive combination of salty heart-shaped liquorice smothered in dulce chocolate with layers of fruity and pungent black currant and crunchy pieces of raw liquorice. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It's sure to leave your heart longing for more.


Can you ever get too much LOVE? We don't think so, so we gathered all our LOVE in one jar to give you an abundance of LOVE. STRAWBERRY & CREAM's tangy, red strawberries, white soft cream and sweet liquorice partnered with FRUITY CARAMEL's salty liquorice smothered in dulce chocolate with layers of pungent blackcurrant notes.


A flavour packed selection of everything a heart desires. This heart-shaped selection is perfect for gifting and contains both popular classics and limited editions: A – THE ORIGINAL, D – SALT & CARAMEL, F - DARK & SEA SALT, STRAWBERRY & CREAM, FRUITY CARAMEL, WILD BLUEBERRY and CLASSIC - SALTY CARAMEL.

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