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From idea to reality: how we make new flavours

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW, 11.04.2024
From idea to reality: how we make new flavours

When it comes to creating new and exciting flavour combinations with liquorice, we are always trying to push the boundaries of what's possible! 

The journey of creating a new liquorice flavour starts with an idea. It can be inspired by a new season, requests from our fellow liquorice lovers, a trend, or simply an inspiration from our Creative team's curiosity to try something new. Once the idea is born, the team; our founder and Creative Director, Johan Bülow and Head of Product Development, Fransisca, start experimenting with different ingredients and techniques to create a new recipe, as well as giving taste tests to members of our taste panel, LAKRIDS LOVERS, to get feedback.

We are always on the lookout for new and interesting ingredients to use in our recipes, from exotic spices to fruits and berries. We also strive to use organic ingredients whenever possible.

Once a new flavour is created, it goes through a testing process to make sure that it meets our standards for taste, texture, and appearance. We never want to compromise on good quality. First, we test the product in a small batch made inside our Creative Lab, and then we try to produce the flavour in a big batch inside our factory. Only after passing this process, it is ready to be officially introduced to the world.

The process of creating new flavours at LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is a journey of experimentation, creativity, and attention to detail, but most importantly, having fun!

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