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Our new jar is made from 100 % recycled and recyclable plastic (R-PET), and we have removed the metal from the sealing of the jar. The label is made of FSC-certified paper. The lid is made of virgin plastic, but we are working hard on finding a more sustainable solution for this part of the packaging. Though the lid is not recycled, it is recyclable. Our SLOW CRAFTED collection is presented in premium, recyclable glass packaging made from 56% recycled glass. The label is made of FSC-certified paper. When you have enjoyed the liquorice, you can easily remove the label with warm water. If needed please use a small amount of washing-up liquid. Once the label has come off you can cleanse the jar in the dishwasher before reusing it for just about anything - the lid closes tight, so you can bring your daily juice, smoothie or iced coffee on the go. The glass jar even has functional measurements engraved, so you know just how to mix your kitchen creations.

Yes, you are welcome to hand in your empty liquorice jars in one of our own stores in Denmark. In return, we will gift you a small token of gratitude.

If you have an empty SLOW CRAFTED liquorice jar at hand, we encourage you to reuse it at home for all kinds of purposes! The jar is designed for reuse. Start by peeling off the label by running the jar under hot water, and add some washing-up liquid if necessary. When the label is off you can wash the jar in a dishwasher.