LOVE Love has many dimensions. It’s a state of mind, feeling and taste
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I took a flight in a hot air balloon,
to watch the earth from the perspective of the moon,
to study life and humans from above
and answer the question – what is love?

I travelled from the north to the south and back,
the stars kept me company when everything went black,
when the sun woke up and kissed the sky pink
the world seemed so much smaller than you’d think



Love has many dimensions. It’s a state of mind, feeling and taste. Our sweet dimension of love is a synergy between tangy, red strawberries, white soft cream and our own sweet liquorice. Exclusive white chocolate brings it all together, and the fresh and satisfying union is here to make you taste true, Danish love.



This seductive combination of blackberries and dark chocolate, refines the classic love combination of chocolate coated berries. With its sassy acidity, the blackberry perfectly complements the vigorous but smooth dark chocolate. It all comes together with a hint of blackcurrant that strengthens the fruity notes of the chocolate. This, is seductive Love.

I took notes from everywhere I went
My observations were worth all the time I spent
I studied all countries, and cultures from above
Common for them all, was the language of love

I flew around the world in a hot air balloon
I started in January and ended in June
I wondered at first, but now I know
Love is everywhere we go

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