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The products in this category contain the classic liquorice flavors, such as sweet and salty. You will also find the classic red liquorice, which in our version is raw liquorice with fruity notes. Finally, you will find liquorice added to other exquisite and natural flavors, which together with liquorice create a new, unique and harmonious taste. This is seen in the form of our liquorice with Habanero chili. Sweet, fruity and with a spicy twist. Our goal is to inspire people all over the world and spread our love for the unique, Nordic taste of liquorice.

To develop our products, we use rice flour that is taste-neutral, which makes other flavors in the liquorice more prominent. In addition, rice flour is gluten-free. The characteristic taste of liquorice in the liquorice root is shaped by the soil and climate in which it grows. This means that the taste varies depending on where the liquorice root is harvested and we therefore use liquorice roots from different places around the world when we produce our liquorice in Denmark.

Our packaging is made from recycled plastic so you can use it in new ways once you have enjoyed the contents. All to take good care of our nature. We hope to surprise and excite our customers around the world with our refined and delicate liquorice. Find your unique liquorice taste experience in the product overview above, and order today!