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From liquorice root to raw liquorice powder

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW, 11.04.2024
From liquorice root to raw liquorice powder

The most important ingredient that we use to make our Danish gourmet liquorice is raw liquorice powder, whether it's for cooking the pure liquorice itself or as a finishing touch for the coating of the chocolate-coated liquorice. While you may be familiar with the taste of raw liquorice powder, something completely different is the taste of the liquorice root itself, from which the raw liquorice is extracted.

If you've ever gone to buy a liquorice root at the pharmacy, you've probably been surprised. Well, maybe even disappointed. Because the usually rich and strong flavour of the liquorice confection can only just be sensed in the raw liquorice root.

Liquorice root is a yellowish root with roughly the same consistency as ginger. If you pick it straight out of the ground, rinse it and bite into it, it is very juicy. Here it has a flavour similar to fresh garden peas. The liquorice flavour itself is only a hint.

The process of making raw liquorice powder involves several steps to transform the liquorice root into the finished product that we know and love. The liquorice flavour only truly shows itself when the liquorice roots are cut into small pieces and boiled to make an extract. The root pieces are then filtered out and the extract is evaporated to remove the water. What remains is a hard lump of raw liquorice. It can then either be sold as a whole or granulated into a coarse or fine powder.

If you would like to try our own finished liquorice you can find it here! We also have several chocolate coated liquorice here if that is more for your taste!